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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Algumas milagres

This week we saw some really cool things. I'll just share a few.

We've been working with a list of all the less-active members of the ward, and have found how outdated it is... so many people have either moved or died, so we're working through it to update all the information, reactivate those fallen away, and find more people and families to teach. At one of the first houses we went to, the lady outside said the person we were searching for was her mom that passed away a few years ago. W expressed our condolonces and then used the opportunity to teach the Plan of Salvation to her, so that she could know that she'll see her mom again. It was really cool, and we've since returned and taught, she already came to church, and accepted to be baptized! 

At an apartment complex, the apt number we were looking for didn't exist... so we knocked the closest number to it, and found a lady who joined the church 20 years ago, but fell away and since moved, so we didn't even have her records. She didn't exactly tell us a ton about her story, but was welcoming and said we could return... So we'll go back and hopefully be able to teach her and her family and get em back! Interestingly, later I found out that the number we were searching for was just backwards (the real apartment number was 54, not 45) but I can't really believe it was an accident that we knocked on the door we did...

We were in a section of our area where we'd never been before, on a ridge that had a killer view. We went to a little outreach to take a photo, but as we were looking out, we heard this "Olha, os Elderes!" and looked down and saw that outside of this house were some people that called us down. We went and found a woman who was baptized 5 years ago but recently stopped going to church. She told us that the night before, she saw her Livro de Mormon sitting on a shelf, picked it up, read some pages and prayed that if God sent her 2 missionaries, she'd return to church..... We showed up the next day. It was a humbling experience that even when I feel like some days we just walk around from one person to the next without really much purpose, the Lord places us exactly where we need to be. I love it.

I love you all sooooo much!

Presidente e Sister Silcox (everyone appreciate my sweet new tie)

For P-day yesterday, we played soccer and had a churrasco (brazilian barbecue) at our chapel... it was SWEET

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