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Monday, March 27, 2017

Esta semana

Querida fam-

Holy smokes, this week passed quick even though it was a little difficult....

One day we got home and Elder Ruzi asked, "what did we do today other than walk a ton?" And I told him, "I don't know..." But not every day was like that... We found new people (constantly searching, since pretty much everyone we've talked to until now has little to no desire in really listening to us... 

But we're working with the members to try and make that better. Almost all the members are getting pretty excited about missionary work and helping out, so that's the positive side!

On Saturday we had a lesson with a member's friend, who was driving by us during the week and stopped and called us over to tell us that he wanted to us to teach him the gospel. We were like, "we can make that happen!" and he marked the day for us to visit with him. It was an awesome lesson. He said he has a desire to change his life around and to follow Christ, and when we taught the Restoration he said he felt it was true. Next week he'll come to church with us:)

General Conference is already upon us! I can't wait to listen to the prophet and apostles that God has called to guide and direct us. What a blessing! I hope you all watch as much as you can, prepared to receive answers and inspiration.

I love you all!

Elder Merrill

We watched the Esquadrilha da Fumaça that was here in Guará! They do a ton of tricks in formation and stuff.... in airplanes (google it). Super cool. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Semana de sicknesszinhos

Hey fam!

On Tuesday morning we helped clean the chapel and rearrange the chairs from stake conference.... Elder Ferreira wasn't feeling well but went to help as well... later that day, it rained and winded and my throat started hurting.... ugh. Wednesday I woke up a little strange, but nothing too much. We worked normal after lunch and were able to do our visits for the day. But on Thursday I had a fever and was sneezing like a sprinkler. Elder Ferreira was in similar conditions. So Elder Shamo and Elder Ruzi left us at our house in our miserable state while they went out to work. Friday, I was better but Elder Ruzi was ruinzinho but we had to go to one of the farthest neighboorhoods in our area... poor guy. But it all worked out. We sat down for him to rest after lunch and 4 people walking by stopped to talk to us... it was awesome, we did contacts without even having to stand up! One lady asked us if we could go with her to her house and teach her family right then! We really should try just sitting down and talking to people as they pass more often:)

We are starting to see some results here in Guará! Super happy, super busy, hope to tell more about it next week!

I love you all

Elder Merrill

Yummy lunch from Chefs Ruzi and Merrill
So funny story.. the bathroom door somehow broke and wouldn't open... we had to call someone to help us take the lil window off for me to climb in and open from the inside.... twas interesting, but deu certo:)

Monday, March 13, 2017

This week


Great week for us here... Lots of walking, lots of sun, less rain, more smiles.

Ai there are lots of things that happen in a week but on Monday I seem to draw a blank... sorry I don't remember, I'm getting old and forgetful...

Zone Conference Friday was awesome. I love it when we're able to receive training from President. On Friday night we divided with 2 missionaries who stayed with us Friday and Saturday night. Super fun. I love divisions:)

This weekend we participated in one of the best Stake Conferences that I've been to. Elder Grahl was the Seventy that visited. His talks on Saturday night and Sunday were so powerful, I felt the Spirit more strongly than I have in a while. It was impossible to not know that what he taught was true, that the gospel and church of Jesus Christ really were restored. And one of the best parts? A less active couple we've been working with came and cried through the talks, and many many people came to greet and hug them and tell them that they'd been missed. AND a member of our ward brought a friend to the Conference who wants us to teach her more! Super excited, super happy:)

I love you all and desejo uma boa semana para todos!

Elder Merrill

Rio Paraíba
Division with Elder Cunha and Elder Alves

We made shirts.... the red one has my nametag, and the greenie has his haha:)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 4 in Guará

Hey y'all!

Well, there went another week. Hot, rainy, then hot again. We're melting. President told us that when we fast we have to drink water... But logo logo it'll cool down.

We worked hard the whole week to help everyone we're teaching learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and find out for themselves if what we teach is true. It's wonderful. But nobody came to church again. Ugh. But that's alright. We're gonna find new people this week, and somebody will have a sincere heart to desire to know if there's more to life than just the everyday problems and fleeting happiness....

But don't worry, Elder Ruzi and I are doing great, happy as two little fried clams. When we left lunch after church yesterday sad and slightly disappointed still, there was a little kid that was running down the street and went so fast that he lost control and fell on his face right by me. Before I could react, he picked himself up and ran into a nearby house, luckily unhurt. But when I looked back at Elder Ruzi and he had tears running down his face from how hard he was laughing. He then told me, "the Lord knew I was sad and sent that little kid to cheer me up. Now it's alright that our week was a lil disappointing. It's good to know He cares." God answers prayers in mysterious ways, and He always is there to cheer us up:)

I love my calling, my life, and my Savior. 

Have a wonderful week, people!
Elder Merrill

After a night of super strong rain and wind, we woke up to find our tree on our house....
Mom, I'm getting better at making my own food.... It's not just oatmeal and cereal when you're gone:) 
"... and preach the gospel unto every creature."