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Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 4 in Guará

Hey y'all!

Well, there went another week. Hot, rainy, then hot again. We're melting. President told us that when we fast we have to drink water... But logo logo it'll cool down.

We worked hard the whole week to help everyone we're teaching learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and find out for themselves if what we teach is true. It's wonderful. But nobody came to church again. Ugh. But that's alright. We're gonna find new people this week, and somebody will have a sincere heart to desire to know if there's more to life than just the everyday problems and fleeting happiness....

But don't worry, Elder Ruzi and I are doing great, happy as two little fried clams. When we left lunch after church yesterday sad and slightly disappointed still, there was a little kid that was running down the street and went so fast that he lost control and fell on his face right by me. Before I could react, he picked himself up and ran into a nearby house, luckily unhurt. But when I looked back at Elder Ruzi and he had tears running down his face from how hard he was laughing. He then told me, "the Lord knew I was sad and sent that little kid to cheer me up. Now it's alright that our week was a lil disappointing. It's good to know He cares." God answers prayers in mysterious ways, and He always is there to cheer us up:)

I love my calling, my life, and my Savior. 

Have a wonderful week, people!
Elder Merrill

After a night of super strong rain and wind, we woke up to find our tree on our house....
Mom, I'm getting better at making my own food.... It's not just oatmeal and cereal when you're gone:) 
"... and preach the gospel unto every creature."

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