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Monday, February 27, 2017

A vida continua...

Querida fam-

Wow, p-day again? The transfer is flying by!

HOT HOT all week until Friday, when it rained and gave us a little cool down... but today is heatin up too... We drink SO much water (and tereré:)

Finding pleny of cool new people to teach, but nobody has been to church yet.. :( We were certain that this week at least 7 people were going, but nobody showed up... oh well, next Sunday e'erybody is goin to church!

Our interview with President on Friday was good. Now we're going to have interviews every transfer, which I'm excited for! More contact with Pai Silcox!

So right now we're in the middle of Carnaval. For those unfamiliar with this Brazilian holiday, it's basically 4 days straight of crazy partying, drinking, and other festivities. But it isn't very safe to be on the street after dark here in Guará. So we're holdin in here. And Saturday we fled to the temple. It was wonderful. A recent convert from our ward went for the first time, so we went to accompany him in the bapistry. We (me, Elders Ferreira, Shamo and Ruzi) helped out with confirmations and got to baptize too, but there were a ton of people so we ended up getting sore haha. After we changed clothes, Elder Ruzi said to me "now that we've baptized the dead, I want to baptize the living!" Me too. I assured him that we will:) Also, a family of the Guará 2nd ward was sealed and we got to attend, which was super cool. But right after it was done, Elder Shamo turned to us right there in the sealing room and said, "Dude.......... I just want to get married soon...." We all couldn't hold in our laughter hahahahaha

I'm loving training again. We have awesome spiritual experiences every day. My testimony and knowledge grows each day, and I love being a missionary here in Guaratinguetá.

Amo todos vocês!

Elder Merrill

"... BATIZA!"

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