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Monday, February 6, 2017

Tchau, Mooca


Já era. Acabou meu tempo aquí na Mooca. Estou triste por ter que deixar tudo que aprendi a amar tanto, os membros, as pessoas que ensinei, todo mundo.... Enfim, it's always hard to leave an area, but I know my work here is done. It's time for a new challenge, to get out of my confort zone. After four transfers I know like, everyone here. In ward council yesterday morning, the bishop would ask "what happened to so-and-so..?" and I would respond, or "when does (less-active) get home everyday and has work off?" and I would respond. Everyone was saying that it really was time to be transferred, I knew too much hahaha. Even though I stayed 5 transfers in Cohab Juscelino, it was in the beginning when I was trying to understand what everyone was saying heh heh....

Just said goodbye to Elder Meireles... It was a great transfer together with him. I learned lots and laughed a ton too. He's on his way back to Recife, probably will be on the beach by the time you guys read this. I'll miss the guy. Ayways, third kill in a row for me. 

I'll be going to Guaratinguetá 1, in the farthest zone of the mission. I'm excited to be able to train again! I'll have another son! I've never served in the interior, it'll be different than being here in the city.

This last week I got to pass 2 days with my dad, Elder Rodrigues! His comp went home today too, so while they were doing self-reliance we worked in my area. 

Today after Elder Meireles' exit interview with Presidente, we went to say goodbye to Gustavo and Iris. My heart broke when we had to hug goodbye. I love them so much! I'll miss them, Cleide and Sergio, and everyone else from here. I love my calling, I love São Paulo Leste!

Elder Merrill

More bolivian food!
When you buy 10, you get one free.... I've had too many free pizzas in this area....

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