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Monday, February 20, 2017


Dear fam-


Love, Elder Merrill

But seriously, this week was hot. The coldest it got one night was roughly 83 degrees.... We almost melted. Guará is surrounded by mountains, so it makes a lil oven here that holds in the hot air and heats up even more.

So other than the infernal climate, things are great here! We are finding some awesome people to teach and working on helping the ward clean the list of 900 and some odd people that are on the records here, most of whom have either moved away or died.... so that's plenty to do! 

Elder Ruzi and I get along great. He's awesome and loves to work, I've got nothin to complain about. Meu bom filhotinho:)

We invite everyone to come to church, but everyone that says they'll come couldn't these last two weeks but said they would this week, so we'll see if this Sunday our work will start to see some real results! It's kinda difficult to open an area, but it's also fun to start EVERYTHING from zero and build up. 

The time is flying by so fast. I can't believe we're already entering into the 3rd week of the transfer!

Amo vocês!

Elder Merrill

Zona Guará!

Hammock and tereré at the end of a long day.... doesn't get better.
The Guará quatro de poder! Elder Shamo and Elder Ferreira are in the other ward
Churrasco is serious business 

Went fishing again!

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