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Monday, December 7, 2015

Hurried week


Basically the way I determine what to include in these letters goes something like this: We get to the Lan House (place we use internet) super excited to read our emails and everything exciting that's going on with everyone, and I realize that I didnt make an outline of what i wanted to write, even though thats what I always plan on doing.... There just isn't a gap in our schedule to sit down and think about "what would be good in the letter....." it's usually just go go go (Elder Ambriz has learned that one of my more used mottos is "só vai" which means "just go". One way I coped with the Brazilian culture and how everything just works here was to just prepare as well as you can before obviously), but once you've gone, just go, because nothing stands still here... if you sit still too long, you won't be able to do anything.) Anyways, so I get here to the computer and sit, overwhelmed with the impossibly large number of notable things that happen throughout a week, and usually just have enough time to write something lame and make it seem much less exciting. So when you read something in here and think "why did he write about this... it wasn't very exciting," now you know why.

So our week was pretty swell, we're working hard, seeing great things! The entire time Ive been here it's been pretty difficult to find people who keep committments and really progress. So it's really easy to feel like Ive been putting in lots of work for nothing.... but recently, things have begun to change little by little, and we are finding people that we really think will progress to baptism. I'm excited to tell y'all about more things next week, because Im out of time and didn't plan what I was gonna say... oops.

I love you all, and have a wonderful week!

Elder Merrill
This little dude enjoyed serenading us with legit music... I think he knows more songs than I do

We did a service project, which entailed remove a swath of jungle in this guy's yard (note: the first person with a yard I've seen here... since everyone is sooooo jam packed, nobody has anything but concrete... it didn't feel like we were in our area)

....There were also turtles

Yay for the service crew!

I forgot to take a before picture, but it was waist-deep in just thick weeds, grass, small trees, and LOTS of bugs

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