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Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy (Late) Thanksgiving!

So I wouldn'tve known that Thanksgiving was last week if people hadn't mentioned it in their letters to me last monday heh heh.... It isn't celebrated here, so I decided to be festive by wearing an orange tie.... that was about the extent of all I did special.

To prevent myself from forgetting about Christmas I've been listening to Christmas music after we plan at night (because seriously I will if I don't make a concious effort). This Christmas will be a bit different.... green, super hot, and Portuguese... But it should be super fun.

Recently it's been raining almost every afternoon. Boy, when it rains here, it rains. And the thunderclaps are SO epic. It's pretty cool. 

This week we worked like a ton. Every night I collapse into bed and just conk out immediately. I'm getting behind in my journal, since we're so busy I usually have only 5 minutes a day to write! But busy is good.

On Monday, we got an address of a guy who wanted to talk to us, but we didn't know where it was. We went with Sebastião (our ward mission leader) to find it, and ended up walking on this dirt road for a while into the middle of nowhere... The view was awesome, so we were happy even if we didn't find the guy to have found the scenery... but we found the little street, and on this street found a family to teach, then a guy we talked to in the city a week earlier, but we thought he was drunk when he tried to give us his address (the houses in this area didn't have numbers). It was really cool to feel guided to find some cool people, even though we didn't find the guy we were looking for... maybe later!

I love you all a bunch!
Elder Merrill

Scenery from our adventure on Tuesday

There's this thing called Bis here, and it is sooooooo adicting. It's a chocolate covered wafer, and there are various flavors.... Elder Ambriz made a tower then ate it during study one morning

Us making Thanksgiving dinner!  .... in somebody else's house.... while they weren't there.... The member feeding us lunch just kinda threw everything on the stove then said "got to go, just close the door when you leave!" and walked out. We were like "uhhhhh, ok...." and had our wonderful feast of rice, beans, and a ground beef with pumpkin (pumpkin is festive!). So yeah, Happy Thanksgiving to us!

A video Brian sent (if you get this letter in e-mails, check out his blog to see this): "This is kinda old, but I'm just now getting around to sending it.... I love kittens!"

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