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Monday, November 23, 2015

Wow, it's been a week?


Elder Ambriz and I have been working hard here, walking lots, and finding lots of new people to teach, some who are soooo prepared. It's not easy, but I learn so much every day, and I learn so much from Elder Ambriz! 

It's been fun to remember  my reaction to all of the new things about Brazil as I watch meu filho react to them hahaha.... wow, it makes me realize that I actually have grown...

Since we both enjoy singing, as we walk from one appointment to another or get ready in the morning, we break into song/beatbox with various hymns or other songs... it's pretty great. There's also this song the cars with gas for the stoves play over and over, and we memorized the words and created our version, complete with baseline and percussion... it's pretty sweet, not gonna lie....

I've recently discovered the merits of French Toast. It's first of all super easy (essential in the tired morning state), but its also SUPER DELICIOUS. Ah, thank you Sister Bundy and Sister Doyle (they're the american sisters in our zone)

We had Zone Conference with President and the Assistants this week! It was so awesome, I learned a ton! We got a training on planning, and how it's important to plan everything so that the Lord can put those people He's prepared into our path. But we have to plan President Silcox talked about how we have this short time to be special representatives of Jesus Christ, and how this is the only time in our lives that we will be able to have the privelege to say "você vai seguir o exemplo de Jesus Cristo, e ser batizado com quem possui a autoridade dele?" ["Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the authority of God?"] and then witness people accept the Gospel fully into their lives. It's amazing to be here. I can't wait to go out there and help more people learn about all the blessings God has for every single one of us individually.  

Wish I could write more, but so much happens I usually get paralyzed when I have to write my weekly letter hahaha If anyone has specific questions they want me to answer, shoot me an email!

Love you all!
Elder Merrill

Presidente and Sister Silcox!

Conferência da Zona Itaquera!

I liked this door so much, I had to knock on it to tell them I loved their Christmas lights, because not very many people decorate here... We were able to find and teach 4 new investigators, so yay for Christmas!

Some nights we just get home absolutely spent and want to go to bed just right then: tie, shoes, bag; doesn't even matter

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