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Monday, November 16, 2015

Sou um pai!


This week was awesome, and probably the best one yet.

As I mentioned last week, I knew I was going to train, but I didn't know anything about my filho ("son", which is the missionary term for the missionary you train), nor did Elder Rodrigues know where he was going to go until the transfer meeting at the mission office, where all the missionaries being transfered find out their new areas and companions. It was super odd to say goodbye to Elder Rodrigues, since I've been with him literally every hour of every day for 12 weeks. 

When we got to the meeting, I found out that my new companion straight from the MTC would be Elder Ambriz, from Portugal! He's 20 years old.... I never thought I'd have a son who's older than me! His accent is sweet. And he speaks in "tu" not "você", which is cool but strange to my ears because in Brazil they don't use "tu." Although it's a bit difficult to understand sometimes (it's definitely not Brazilian haha), he speaks English super well! And since Portugueses speak correct Portugues, I'll maybe be able to better my grammar heh heh.... He's super excited to work, and super excited to be here. I'm super excited for this transfer.

It was weird to all of a sudden be a junior companion one day to being a senior companion the next... it was basically the transformation from a new, wide-eyed greenie to a new, wide-eyed trainer. I am so grateful that Elder Ambriz came so prepared, because I'm certaing that it's gonna be him that's training me these next 12 weeks. Seriously, we were able to teach some amazing lessons from day 1, and we're already seeing successes. He seems to already be adjusted super well to missionary life, and I just remember how it probably took me 6-7 weeks to get to the point he's at right now, after 6 days.

We saw some amazing miracles this week, and every day had so many things that simply just worked out that usually don't.... like, sooo many, too many for it to have been accidental. We've gotten a bunch of references, found a bunch of new people to teach, people were home when we went to teach them, investigators came to church on their own yesterday.... I could go on and on about the things Elder Rodrigues and I struggled with for 12 weeks, that just fell into place this week. It's truly the Lord working ahead of us.

I can't imagine being anywhere else but here, it's so great and I can't wait to see what more will happen this week!

I am so grateful for your love and prayers! Love you!

Elder Merrill

Meu filho, Elder Ambriz! [My son, Elder Ambriz!]

Cool bug that I thought was a leaf

Pai e filho [Father and son]

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