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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy November


Once again, there was a holiday on p-day and so all the internet places were closed. Hence, the email today!

Happy late Halloween! This year I decided to be a missionary, and I thought my costume was pretty convincing. But nobody gave me candy, so I bought some biscoito to make up for it.

No more tear gas, but some more new things... like me learning that I've gained almost 5.5 [about 12 pounds] kilos heh heh..... in one meal, I weighed myself before and after, and it was a 1.3 [about 3 pounds] kilo difference, and that's what the average meal looks like. I'm just accepting my destiny to be fat.

I'm also our ward's pianist, as the previous one left on a mission a few weeks ago.  Thank you mom and dad for forcing me to learn how to play piano, because it's a great blessing to share that ability with the humble saints here in Cohab Juscelino.

As always, some days were better than others this week.... sometimes you walk around all day as almost everything you planned falls through, and then others you get to talk with some amazing people and teach them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, we had another miracle! We went allllll the way to the end of our area to pick up an investigator for church. We got there, then (in the rain, mind you) we waited.... and waited.... and waited a little more.... We called him, but his phone was off. We knocked but his house was back really far, so you can't hear the front door. While standing there, I prayed that we would be able to take him to church, because we've had a really difficult time getting people to church.... Eventually, when we couldn't wait anymore without arriving late, we turned and started walking in the cold morning rain, back to the bus stop. Not 10 steps later, a car pulls up beside us, and our investigator puts his head out the window and yells "get in!" As if it couldn't be any better, I climbed in and found myself next to his daughter and her son, who we have also been teaching for over a month (they live in a different house), but she always makes excuses for not coming to church, so we didn't even invite her this week. Not only was my prayer answered to bring him to church, but it was exceeded with the blessing of the rest of the fam. And on top of that, a free ride. God is real, and cares for His children. 

I love you all!
Elder Merrill

I kinda failed at this picture..... What counts is I tried, and it was outside a 5th floor window

Our Zone Leaders

While wating for the bus, it started pouring out of nowhere.... I had an umbrella, but Elder Rodrigues had to take shelter across the street.... I love this pic because he just looks so sad about forgetting his umbrella hahaha

Yay for street rivers! I had to pour water out of my shoes

Zona Itaquera! Last Zone meeting of the transfer!

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