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Monday, January 18, 2016

The power of 3


So this week was a lil bit different than usual. We had the pleasure of having Elder David as our 3rd companion. He's from Paraná, Brazil and has a year on the mission. He is really funny, and it's been fun to mix up the dynamic of our companionship.

The work went on. Right now, we're short of people to teach, so we've been doing lots of street contacting, which isn't the easiest or most effective (or fun) thing to do, since lots of people just kinda walk on by..... but it's all good.

January is rain month, so we've been enjoying the refreshing showers in place of the inferno sun. It also makes for some good mud roads. Here, the saying goes that the more rain you work in on the mission, the more beautiful your wife will be. I think she's getting pretty perfect right now.

I'm almost certain that I'll be transfered here in just a few weeks.... I don't want to leave, this area is my home! It's so weird to think about leaving the little part of Brazil I've loved and cared for for months and months... in fact, today marks 5 months since I arrived here. I also don't want to leave meu filho, Elder Ambriz. He is so awesome, and I know the Lord has more areas and companions prepared for me, but does it have to come so soon? I'm going to take advantage of these last few weeks, I count my blessings every day.

I love you all, and always look forward to reading your letters!

Elder Merrill

The best place to take breaks is here on a random person's roof since the view is great. 

Trio of triumph preachin in the favela...
...and through the mud

We went bowling this week for p-day

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