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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vida em Brasil

Yesterday was a holiday and the internet place was closed, hence the letter a day late.

This week was just swell, with the exception of some small sicknesses.... One night, Elder David threw up more than 5 times and couldn't eat or drink anything for a day straight. And then the next day Elder Ambriz had a fever and killer headache, and was freezing even though the day was hot, so we worked fast and went home a bit earlier. When we arrived, he hit the bed and was out. But Elder David was already better, and he talked me into buying us pizza..... So we threw a party because Elder Ambriz got sick haha;)

We started teaching many more of the friends of a member, who is also friends with Alecsander and another recent convert. They are all loving the lessons, and it's so cool to watch the gospel enter their friend group. I wish we would've started teaching them sooner, because they're all stellar young men that were just waiting for somebody to invite them to investigate more. We've actually been playing soccer with most of them for months now, so we already had a friendship with them.... so cool.

Also, we're teaching Daniel, the older brother of Alecsander and Bethania, who were both baptized recently. It's so exciting to see each member of the family individually develop faith in the Savior and grow, and Daniel wants to be baptized this next Sunday! 

This Sunday we'll get the transfer call..... I don't want to leave Cohab Juscelino, but I know I will because I've been here for a long time already.... 

I learn lots every day from each of my 2 companions, and I love serving my Savior!

I love you all!

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