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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Well, there was a change in plans.....

Querida família,

This week was a swell one. Minus the days that I was sick. I knew that since the previous week both of my comps got sick, that I was destined to have my turn shortly.... and it came. Nothing awful, just annoying because I had a lil' fever and headache (with stuffy nose and coughing) for about 2 days, and I've got the lingering sniffles... but it's all good now, I'm not dead. And it wasn't the Zika infection, which seems to be going around South America....

I discovered what it's like to be shocked by an electric fly swatter..... Highly do not recommend. It was awful. Elder Ambriz and Elder David laughed for more than 10 minutes without stopping, and had sore abs afterwards.... I just had a sore finger.

We were also able to baptize Daniel, the brother of Alecsander and Bethania. I love that family so much, they are so cool. One day their mom and dad will accept the gospel and they can be sealed as a family in the temple of the Lord, I just know it. It's going to a wonderful day, one I hope I can witness!

This week is the transfer.... Yesterday when our District Leader called, he said, "Elder Merrill, Elder Ambriz, and Elder David..... will stay." So contrary to previous thoughts, I get to stay for another 6 weeks in Cohab Juscelino! In my interview with President last week, he mentioned that he personally had other plans for the 3 of us, but really felt inspired that the Lord wants us to stay together for one more transfer, even though he doesn't know why. (It's pretty rare to stay in an area more than 4 transfers, and this next one will be my 5th. Everyone is teasing me that I'll serve my whole mission here haha) Mission Presidents are so cool, especially mine. President Silcox truly is guided in how God wants this mission run, and works his hardest to carry out His plans.

So yup, 6 more weeks than I thought I'd have here, but I'm not complaining. The members are amazing, and the work is sweet!

I love you all!

Elder Merrill

I finally got my new plaqueta with my name spelled correctly!​ Yay:)

Pizza party in our apartment

Zona Itaquera!

I like it when we accidentally find cool places in our area....

Daniel's baptism! (everyone notice the sweet llama tie I got from my sweet momma:)

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