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Monday, February 22, 2016

Sweet Week


I have once again found myself with but little time left, so this'll be briefer than it deserves to be:

Baptism- James is another friend of Elizeu, and I just love him so much.... It's so cool that almost all the young men we play soccer with are now members of the church, it's just that much more fun. Larissa I've already said some about, but she is so special to us! Last week she was reading General Conference talks without us even asking her to! That just lets you know what level she is on. She's basically prepared to be called General Relief Society President within the next few days.... (just kidding, kind of;) She gave us little notebooks with notes in the front to each of us yesterday, and after the baptism bore a powerful testimony. I just felt so happy, so filled with's a feeling that's hard to describe. The closing hymn was perfect: "There is Sunshine in my Soul Today"

I love you all so much, and I promise to write more next week!

Elder Merrill

Presidente and Sister Silcox came to James' and Larissa's baptism! It was so cool!

Comparing height with Letícia haha

For p-day today, we went fishing on the property of a member that's in the middle of the forest.... we had to wake up at 5:30 to walk there, but it was SWEET
Nothin beats fishing in the rain
HUGE spider

O grande pescador..... I'm not as into fishing as the rest of the Merrill boys, but it's in my blood.... I caught the most, and I'm proud to say I also caught more than Tom did ;)

Chillin on a mountain in Brazil
Chillin on a mountain in Brazil

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