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Monday, February 15, 2016

Just some things


One thing we love doing is to play soccer with the young men to build our friendship with them and find some of their friends to teach (and because.... well, soccer. What person in Brazil doesn't love it?)

We learned a cool magic trick with coins that we now use when we teach tithing..... it's fun to watch people think it's just gonna be another regular lesson and then BOOM it's suddenly way cooler. Who doesn't love magic?:)

As we were walking one day, Elder Ambriz asked if there were other mammals that walked on 2 legs besides humans, and Elder David answered confidently, "Giraffes!" ....... so now giraffes walk on 2 legs.

We saw some great progress this week in many of the people we're teaching, and we had the marvellous chance to baptize Robson, another friend of Elizeu, a stellar young man in the ward. Larissa, the reference we received awhile back is absolutely amazing and so prepared. Her desire is so strong and sincere to find the truth. After lots of praying and studying, she recieved the certainty that this IS the true church of Jesus Christ and wants to be baptized this next week. It is so amazing when we teach her, because the Spirit is so strong, and I can tell she will give amazing service in the future. I'm stoked.

I love you all, and appreciate all the support and prayers you send my way!

Elder Merrill

Pictures, because mustaches.

I was a bit jealous of the life of ease of this cat

Cliché missionary-Book-of-Mormon-on-a-random-couch picture

Remains of Macumba (a sketchy religion)

Robson, another friend of Elizeu​

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