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Monday, February 29, 2016

One more

Hey everyone!

Another good ol' week in Cohab Juscelino for the trio of triumph. We sometimes have some rough patches, but thanks to the important work we're doing we can always resolve our differences using the gospel and really applying the simple principles we teach every day. Love for God is always first, but right behind it is love for our fellow men, and boy do I love my companions! 

We seem to have a problem. Before we had a great group of investigators we loved teaching and that occupied the majority of our time pretty well... but now many of those investigators are recent-converts, and most of them are friends, so we are quite lacking in non-members to teach. But we'll fix that problem here soon, there are literally 3 planets worth of people in São Paulo alone.

I've been in this area so long that I participated in my second Itaquera Stake Conference hahaha (Stake Conference is every 6 months, and it's rare to stay for 2 in the same area) At this rate, I'll stay for General Conference too!;)

I love you all, and I pray for you often. Go do serve someone else this week! 

Elder Merrill

Chillin with Nito at the chácara for p-day today

Churrasco lunch

Sweet Turkey

Just someone's cows on the road

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