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Monday, March 7, 2016

Sweet Experiences

Sweet week. 

Today for P-day, we went to the São Paulo aquarium (which was more of a zoo haha) with Larissa and her sister. It was super cool! Enjoy some lovely pics below.

We got to go to the temple with Alecsander, Bethania and Daniel to do baptisms. It was so nice to be in the temple free from the noise and craziness of the world, and even cooler to see those 3 dressed in white once again there in the Lord's house.

Afterwards, I bought root beer for the first time in 8 months at a lil store close to the temple..... Perfection in a can. I miss root beer so much

This week, Letícia was baptized. She has actually been an investigator since April of last year, and was the first house that Elder Rodrigues took me to when I got here in August. She's always had such a desire to be baptized, but she was in a situation that didn't allow it. We witnessed her go through so many trials and difficulties, always there to help to the best of our ability, but what was amazing was how it was the gospel that gave the comfort and solace she desperately was seeking in those trying times. And so Heavenly Father blessed us with the privilege of witnessing her first step into a different life: baptism. The path wasn't easy to get there, and it certainly won't be easy from here on out, but I have confidence that her faith in Christ will truly let her have more of the life that she deserves. It's amazing to be a missionary here in God's work. I love it.

Love you all!

Elder Merrill

Letícia's Baptism! Elder Barroso (my"grandpa" in the mission was able to come too, since he was the first Elder to teach her)

Daniel, Alecsander and Bethania at the temple. 

There is a store close to the temple that sells root beer and cream soda.... A little expensive, but I almost cried with joy when I took the first sip. Heck yes.

Cool fish

We went surfing with the sharks..... don't tell President

Silly Seal

Majestic Polar Bear diving

Confused Lemur trying to eat

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