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Monday, March 14, 2016

Time for change...

Hello everyone!

We had a great last week here. We´ve been focusing on our recent converts and really trying to help them with their testimonies and staying strong in the church. It´s so amazing to love so many people in a such a special way.

On Tuesday, all of the foreign missionaries had to go to the mission office on short notice, and nobody knew why.... when we got there, the rest of the day entailed traveling to various government places and waiting so we could get a type of Brazilian document that we needed to have health coverage, or something like that.... I dunno, but it was weird to see so many americans in one place (like 20 to 30 of us) and fun to catch up with some friends in other zones. 

At church yesterday, we basically said goodbye to everyone, and it was super sad. I played the piano for the last time, gave out ties to some of the young men who are very special to me, and thanked all of the irmãs for all of the amazing food they´d fed me with the last 7 months.... It was on the bus home when I felt the impact we´ve had on these wonderful people, and how strongly I feel how much they love us, the trio of triumph. 

Guess what some genius did again? Thats right, he locked the key in our apartment again. What an idiot, who does that twice? I have skills. We called a member and I went with him all the way to the mission office to get the copy of the key, and then all the way back

We promised that we´d let Letícia hear the transfer call, so Larissa came over and we were all nervous and ready to get the call at about 8:30. The time passed, and we waited.... and waited.... and waited..... Our district leader gave us permission to stay there until we got the call, even though it was getting late. Finally at 11:00, the Assistants said that President felt he needed to make last minute changes and would pass the transfer the next morning. Agonized, we went home and hardly slept. But this morning Elder Patson called to say that Elder David will be going to Mogi das Cruzes (in Elder Rodrigues´ old area) and be companions with Elder Hughes (yes, my MTC comp!) super cool! Elder Ambriz will be training a new missionary in Penha (which isn´t too far away, but it´s not Cohab Juscelino, so they´ll be opening the area). And I will be going to the area Jardim Odete to be a Zone Leader of the Itaquaquecetuba zone (yeah, that´s the name of a real place, not one I made up) to be companions with Elder Barroso, meu avó!!!! (my grandpa in the mission (Elder Rodrigues´ trainer)) How legit is that? I´m stoked.

But I´m also sad. I love this area and I love this ward! It´s been amazing to serve the humble and special saints in Cohab Juscelino, a privilege I never imagined. But the Lord has more people He´s prepared to put into my life, and so I look forward to the future with a smile and await the marvellous surprises and blessings yet to come.

I love you all so much!

Elder Merrill

Thank you Wenatchee Stake for the package! I loved it!

Zona Itaquera with our snazzy zone shirts (Its a Stormtrooper with a nametag and Book of Mormon)

The District

So it´s missionary tradition to burn a tie at six months out, but I didn´t get around to it until last week... when I made 8 months. Oh well, it was fun and the tie was super ugly. Now I´m official.

I´m going to miss all of these wonderful people terribly..... It´s tough to leave

Lekinho (Alecsander) and I

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