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Monday, March 21, 2016


Hello everyone!

So this week was a lil crazy, but it was sweet and Im alive and well!

Odd to say goodbye to Cohab Juscelino as we were riding out on the bus... I took the train with Sister Doyle to Itaqua (she was in Zona Itaquera and was getting transferred to Itaqua as well) so that was kind of odd..... I felt super strange without a companion, even though it was just 30 minutes haha

Elder Barroso and I are super stoked to get working more this week. We´ve already met lots of members, and they are so cool! So in Jd. Odete there are 2 sets of missionaries that cover the whole ward, and every day we eat lunch together. Its fun because it feels less lonely and we can talk and joke together.... as a missionary, you love talking to other missionaries. Its just a thing.

Our shower is broken, so we get to take cold showers every day.... fun stuff. Also our house is about 30 minutes from the church, and all of the people we teach are on the other side of the church.... so every day we have to walk more than an hour to lunch, and at the end more than an hour to return, crossing a freeway and going through tunnels.... its pretty exciting, but Im so happy we´ll be moving this next week to a house a lot closer to the area we work. My feet will be happier, and we´ll be able to do more.

This next week should be great. I´m excited

Love you all!

Elder Freire, Nascimento, eu, e Barroso, the crew for the Jardim Odete ward

Our amazing view (Yes, its a wall.)

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