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Monday, March 28, 2016


Hey everyone!

So things have been semi-settling down as we get in the groove. We've found plenty of things to do and keep busy, so don't worry about us sitting and doing nothing....

Because of various birthday parties and the holiday weekend, we have eaten a TON of chocolate recently, I'm kind of overloaded right now..... I need to do more excercise to burn it off, it's killer.

Update on the housing situation: Trying to resolve paperwork and such, don't think we'll make it in to our new house this week. Ugh. And still taking cold showers. But it's all good. We're chill (pun intended;)

There's a woman named Enilda who we're working with, and she is so hilarious and humble, and it's cool to feel her simple and personal way of learning the gospel. She and her daughter, Kely, are progressing nicely, and maybe they'll be the first people Elder Barroso and I get to baptize together! Also, we found Eduardo and Carla,a young couple, thanks to a reference from a sister in the ward (those of you at home, give references to the missionaries, it's almost always through the members that the missionaries find the people most prepared to hear the gospel!). They came to church and loved it last week, but this week they got sick and had to stay home. They aren't married (I know, shocker) HOWEVER they want to get married and we're going tomorrow morning to the cartório (the marriage place here in Brazil) to mark the date for their wedding, probably in the middle of April. They want to be baptized so much, and they love reading and talking about the parts from the Livro de Mormon that we leave with them. They always have lots of awesome questions they ask us, which makes it a lot easier to teach them to their needs, since they talk openly with us. As we visit with them because I have felt the Spirit guiding us to resolve their concerns as they come up. I feel like I'm a useful missionary with them, which is a feeling that every missionary wants to have.

I got to do my first Baptismal Interview this week for a young woman one of the District Leaders and his companion taught.... I was totally nervous, because since I wasn't a District Leader, I haven't ever interviewed anyone for baptism.... It went super well, and it was cool to have the knowledge during the interview from the Spirit that she was 100% prepared, and that this gospel really changes people. Cool stuff.

So I forgot to send a spiel on Easter last week, so I'll combine it with my spiel for General Conference. This next weekend we have the opportunity to hear from our living prophet! Not just some old guy, but literally a man who gets instructions from God for everybody on the Earth. Thomas S. Monson is truly His authorized prophet, and so we all better pay attention to what he and the Apostles have been inspired to tell us. Because Jesus Christ ressurected that first Easter Sunday, he lives today and directs His church. Remember to ponder the blessings we have, and to thank our Lord for all of them. I love being one of His missionaries.

I love you all!
Elder Merrill

It's pretty cool here, there's a lil more nature in Itaquá than Cohab Juscelino, since it's more interior. But there are still lots of people. São Paulo is crazy

One of the freeways we have to cross daily, and a neighborhood that floods a ton when it rains

This is usually what birthday parties look like.... Brigadeiro, Bejinhos, cute and delicious cakes and a good ol' time! 

Imagine Elder Rodrigues, and its our generation! (the one on the right is my grandson, Elder Klaus) One day we'll get everyone!

And got to see Letícia and Larissa last week for P-day! (and Elder Hughes, since he's comps with Elder David (who missed the photo))

Zona Itaquá

P-day futebol!

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