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Monday, May 16, 2016

ALMOST met with Elder Holland.... almost.


One day we found Oreo cookies super cheap in the store (1 real per pack), so I had to buy 8 packs..... I'm sure I'll get diabetes before the end of the mission

I'm also collecting the 1 real Olympic coins (google "moedas dos olimpiadas") and I almost have all of them.... there are a bunch of us missionaries competing to see who can get them all first haha... we are always trading and such at our meetings, it's fun:)

On Tuesday we did a division the new way, where you bring the other companionship to work with you in your area. It's a way of using your area as an example for them to better their area, which is a little awkward because we don't really have a ton of people to teach..... anyways, we invited the other dupla in our ward to help us, and us 6 spent the afternoon knocking a bunch of doors and talking to everyone we could, just trying to find people who are prepared..... We still don't have anyone from those contacts, but I think it at least helped everyone get a little more excited about the situation.... we'll see.

I think this week was to teach me that I need to open my mouth and talk more to everyone. In our zone training meeting Tuesday, I gave the training on talking to everyone to really find the elect of God, and felt it was more for me than the other missionaries. Then in our AWESOME Zone Conference on Friday we did a prática where everyone there (there were 2 Zones combined) went out on the street to talk to people and invite them to church. It was super cool to have more than 30 missionaries in one place, stopping people on just about every corner in the area of the church and talking about the gospel. Super inspiring, now I just have to work on applying everything I learned!

Elder Holland is in São Paulo! Unfortunately, President Silcox said he wasn't going to visit our mission. :( Super bummed.

Last night, there was a devotional for families that was broadcasted to a bunch of stake centers, and we went. It was sooooo good! Elder Holland said that the entire purpose of the existence of the church is so that we can be together forever with our fam, thanks to the sacred ordinances of the temple. This earth exists so that we can prepare for our life in the eternities with our families. "Heaven wouldn't be heaven without the ones we love." I love my family so much.

I love you all!

Zona Itaqua this transfer!

Casually walking to lunch one day on the freeway....

I have trouble to this day making the 'hang loose' sign (hence my ring finger sneaking out there)
Watch out! The Mormons are coming even through the windows! (We live on the 2nd floor....)

After the Elder Holland transmission

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