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Monday, May 2, 2016

Birthday week


I don't have much time and lots of pictures, so i'll be quick

We moved! It was kind of a surprise and we couldn't move everything at once, but we made do with what we had until we could find a member with a truck.... but we eventually got everything else moved and now we're happy in our new house! (the other 2 Elders are our next door neighbors, so we always visit each other hahaha it's super fun)

We had interviews with Preisdent this week! It was super awesome as always, I love President Silcox!

We all had to go to the mission office to get flu shots, and I took it like a big boy. Mom, you owe me a slurpee.

We went to the temple on Saturday with some investigators, it was a wonderful birthday treat to be on those dedicated grounds! Now that I'm 19, maybe people will stop asking me for ID to prove I'm not older.... Just because I'm taller than most of them they think I'm a lot older. Silly Brazilians. I'm neither tall nor old.

The Stake had a sweet training last night on missionary work for all the leadership, and I feel that the work will go forward much more effectively and efficiently here in Itaquá!

I love you all!
Elder Merrill

We made almondegas (fried meatballs) one day for lunch!

We coordinated ties!

What a wonderful place to spend a birthday

Perks of going to the São Paulo temple: American soda

Finally got to take a picture of our full generation! (from my Grandpa to my Grandson!)

BEST BIRTHDAY PACKAGE EVER. Thank you everyone for everything! (especially Carlos for bringing it)

Surprise move + tiny car = little space

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