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Monday, April 25, 2016

Swell semana

Oi everyone!

So this week was good, though a few things I was looking forward to have resolved haven't yet done so.... our new house. Everything was ready, just lacked the deposit in the bank account of the person we're renting from. Naturally, the computers in the mission office had to break on Tuesday (the day the money was going to be deposited) and killed our hopes of moving last week. They are supposed to be fixed today, and MAYBE we'll move this week. Maybe.

...and like prolonging my visa here in Brazil. It's time to renew, so Thursday night we travelled to sleep int the house of the office Elders, so I could go early Friday to the Federal Police station. We went, got in, waited in line, and then the lady at the counter said "Where's the agendment?" (I don't know if that's actually a word in English, I just made it up I think... it means paper that shows you scheduled a visit) and we didn't have that because the mission secretary said they didn't require that last week, probably is a new rule or something.... and so anyways, we returned to the mission office empty-handed and travelled all the way back to our area (its like 2-3 hours journey) and I have to go back AGAIN maybe this week to try again. *sigh* Government stuffs.

But other than that, the zone this transfer seems like it'll be super good. All the missionaries are excited and happy, including my comp and I. Elder Vasconcelos is 23 years old and has 1 year and 4 months on the mission. He's from Recife, Brazil and is already liking Jardim Odete, our area. He also likes Tereré (a delicious drink I'm in love with) so we've already found our common ground:)

We were teaching a new couple we found this week, and at the end asked the wife what would change if she learned that the Book of Mormon were true. To our surprise, she said she'd go to church, get married, be baptized, and follow that path for the rest of her life. We were so shocked since we hadn't even brought up marriage or even talked about baptism! It was super cool, and I'm excited to go back to see if they've gotten an answer from God yet. He really does prepare people.

I love you all, and hope you have a swell semana as well!

Elder Merrill

There's a member that has an avacado tree, and this is how they harvest

Huntin the 'cados

Elder Nascimento, proud after he got one

Brazil doesn't believe in stick deodorant, so Elder Hughes left me this wonderful gift with this inspiring note.

Us at the top of "the stairs"(LOTR reference for all you who get me)

<cliché but epic missionary picture>

We did a service project telling people about dengue and stuff with the Stake, so we got to use the snazzy vests:)

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