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Monday, April 18, 2016

Quick Transfer

Wow, 5-week transfers are too short, I feel like I just got here, and now it's already been one!

We finally got the contract finalized on our new apartment! We'll probably move this week, I'm so stoked.

This week was just dandy. We found six new people on Thursday, so that was an amazing blessing since we've been struggling to find progressing investigators, and finally we have someone on date for baptism that came to church! It was sweet. We were happy.

Yesterday, our ward got a new bishop! It's always neat to watch the leadership change in the church and observe the divine calls to serve at work. I get a stronger testimony of inspired organization every day.

I got to do another baptismal interview last week, and it was actually the friend of the first person I interviewed a few weeks ago! It's so cool to be able to meet the investigators of the other missionaries and to be able to see that the missionaries we're responsible for are doing good work and helping people change their lives to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

So Elder Barroso will be leaving me here after so short a time. :( I learned a ton from him though, and know that I have plenty to learn from my next companion. Elder Barroso is going to be the next Assistant to the President, so that's cool at least! My next companion is Elder Vasconcellos, who I don't yet know but I will tomorrow at the train station!

Looking forward to a great transfer!

Love you all

Elder Merrill

Trying to figure out where all the media references we got are at.... (for all you young people, this was how they did it before Google maps)

We did an activity for the ward, and played some super fun games after a spiritual message. It was super fun, everyone loved it!

Everyone who showed up to the activity... the Jardim Odete ward is awesome!

This is on the way from the church to our house..... I wasn't kidding about the freeways we have to cross

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