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Monday, June 13, 2016

Minha semana

Dear Fam,

Can't believe I've already been here for nearly 2 weeks! Things are beginning to settle down as we get to know more and more about Penha. We

This week was pretty chill. No really. Like, it dropped below 40. That's not normal, and all the people here are freaking out because the for them world is ending. But it isn't the same as the states because there the houses have insulation and heating.... we have holes in our house:) It makes waking up super hard, and showering is interesting because our showerhead that heats the water is semi-broken, so you freeze because the air is cold and then freeze because the water isn't even hot, then towel off as fast as possible then jump under the blankets in your bed until you regain feeling.  

We did a division with some young men in the ward (Elder Moraes with one and me with two others) and it was fun to get to know them and to do get done twice the work! We'll definitely do more of those.

We started teaching some of our neighbors and it's the best because the walk home afterwards is exactly 17.4 seconds. They're a couple that needs to get married (go figure) but they're super special and we've had some cool lessons with them so far. Last night when we knocked, they'd just finished watching the Restoration video with a friend (we gave them the DVD) and it led to a cool lesson with their friend about the Book of Mormon. 

On Saturday, we had a conference with the whole mission! It was in our chapel, so we didn't have to travel more than the 15 minute walk from our house! I love seeing all my friends in the mission, and there are fewer things in this world more happy than a large group of missionaries:) Our zone presented a musical number and I was forced to sing a solo in front of the entire mission (I didn't want to, but it went well). Elder Pinto (an area Seventy) came to address us. Afterwards he did a Q and A session with all the Zone Leaders and Sister Leaders to answer our questions about leadership stuffs and so on. SUPER GOOD. I loved every minute, and left much more enlightened 

I love you all!

Yay service!

Tall buildings at night are extra cool

I was reading while waiting for lunch one day and this lil' thing fell asleep on my knee

A galera (right of me is Elder Martins, then Hirst, Miranda, and Hughes)

Hot chocolate saves my life every single day

Walking to church in the cool morning fog (Usually there are lots of people on our street, but nobody is because it was less than 10 Celcius (remember, they're brazilians)

How to study when it's freezing in yo house

São Paulo East Mission

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