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Monday, June 27, 2016

A vida

Family Dearest,

This week was crazy and cool!

Yesterday was the second Sunday in a row that I was informed after the meeting started from the pulpit that I would be the organist (technically, pianist), and had to run to the piano and butcher hymns I've never played before.... during the talks, I turned the power off and practiced the next hymn.... better than nothing! We need to baptize someone that plays the piano so I can be relieved of my duty heh heh....

Last monday after logging off of email and gathering my things to go, I realized  that my wallet had vanished...... yup. Wasn't paying enough attention, and then it was gone.... The dude walked away with 40 reais, mission health card, CPF (a brazilian SSN, basically), and a temple recommend... oh well, most of those things are replaceable, and I could have lost my debit cards....

I got to teach (or try, at least) some Bolivians in Spanish.... it went okay, but my Spanish is definitely rusty. I also got to teach (or try, at least) a man from Seattle who didn't speak a word of Portuguese but was here visiting a relative of our Ward Mission Leader.... the Restoration came out in Portuglish. I cannot speak 100% English anymore, especially gospel words. At one point I said "God sempre chamou prophets" and didn't notice until the people nearby started laughing super hard.... I'm broken.

We did divisions in our area 2 days in a row! It was tiring, but was awesome for our numbers since all the work counts for our area hahaha  I love being able to learn from the missionaries that we serve, and to help them out with their specific difficulties. 

We found 2 families this last week that seem golden. Only one came to church this week, but our bishop is super happy. And when the bishop is happy, it helps everyone else be happy. 

Have a happy week everyone!

Elder Merrill

Elder Ferreira's umbrella (a backpack rain cover)


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