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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Temple and travels


Every week is a good week. But this one was extra because we got to go to the temple on Tuesday! What a wonderful start. I love the temple, and I learned a lot about some things I've been pondering recently. There's such a peace that you feel even just in the garden and on the grounds. If you need peace in your life, go to the temple. 100% works.

After the temple we traveled to São José dos Campos, which to make a long story short took FOREVER. We left our area at 5pm and got to the house of the Zone Leaders 10pm. Oh, São Paulo traffic. Good thing I passed out on the bus, because I was needing some sleep. When we got there, they bought unusually large pizzas that I regret not taking a picture of (because division tradition mandates pizza as part of the ritual). The next day we participated in their zone training meeting and got to do all the role-plays we made the Zone Leaders do on the previous Friday... I guess it's only fair haha. After the meeting and after lunch, we were only able to spend 3 hours working with Elder David and Elder Mount before coming on a return trip that also took 5 stinking hours to get home, but it was good. I went with Elder Mount and it was funny to see all the stares of that a tall american (me) and a HUGELY TALL american (Elder Mount) drew. Everyone asked us if we were brothers.

Once again, we found ourselves with only 3 days to work in our own area, but we were able to see some miracles and worked hard to keep up with everything. Our teaching group just keeps getting bigger and better with awesome people, I'm excited to see what the future holds.

I love you all!

Elder Merrill 

<cliché missionary temple pic>
Temple trips aren't really temple trips if you don't buy american pop 
On the bus in São José dos Campos
Cleide (an investigator) gave Elder Millaqueo and me hammocks! This is me trying out Elder Millaqueo's

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