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Monday, October 3, 2016

Esta semana

Querida fam-

This week was busy again!

Elder Santana and Elder Barroso stayed various nights this week to do going-home stuffs like go to the temple and do interviews, and they slept in our house since our house is close to the office and they both passed here in Mooca. It was fun to have them visiting us before leaving today. I'll miss 'em.

Elder Hirst went home too... The office just won't be the same without him here. :(

On Friday we were able to see Gustavo baptized by his dad! We wanted everyone in the family to be there, so the service didn't start until 9:15pm, but it was good. And don't worry, President came so we weren't being fubecas. :)

General Conference was stellar! I love the chance we have to hear from God's living prophet. I know this really is Christ's church. I hope you all were supremely uplifted by the talks and music like I was.

I love you all!

Elder Merrill

We found Ben and Jerry's! During the break between sessions of conference, we went to the store. It was kinda expensive, but Elder Hughes and I split the cost. Totes worth it.
And this is Elder Wengreen, Elder Hughes' son.

Mission accomplished

Our going away party for Elder Hirst

We made District shirts! (yes, our district is huge)

Seven is the number of perfection

​Elder Santana and Elder Barroso

Elder Millaqueo was callling the zone leaders while it was super sunny... so he took my sunglasses and se tornou swaggy

​Oh, Elder Hirst. I'll miss him so.

Gustavo was baptized by his dad, Marcelo!
Nobody takes fotos like missionaries when they get together in large groups

Meu filho!

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