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Monday, September 26, 2016

A Semana

Well this week was pretty swell and pretty busy, the usual.

A 65 year old lady we're teaching kissed Elder Millaqueo one day hahahaha (kissing on the cheek is a normal way to greet here in Brazil, but not for us missionaries...) It was hilarious to see his terrified face and the sweet old lady pull him in and plant one on his cheek. Priceless. 

Last week we found an investigator knocking doors who is super awesome and prepared and she came to church last week and loved it. And she knows like, everybody. We've already taught more than 5 of her friends, and most of them are interested in learning more about the gospel! They were all gonna come to church yesterday, but unfortunately all of their children got sick on Saturday so nobody made it:( But we'll visit them this week!

We did another division, this week with Elder de Jesus and Elder Dantas. It was awesome. One of the best parts is that we get 2 times the work done! 

Being a missionary is the best. I love you all!

Elder Merrill

Igreja da Sé
With Elder Dantas and Elder de Jesus. Because little houses always make for good pictures.
I started teaching an English class! There were only 3 people this week, but it was fun. 
I taught them how to pray!

While I was waiting for the Zone Leaders to call me, I found out that on I can get maps of every mission in the world.. this is ours. The majority of the people live in a super tiny area.

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