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Monday, September 19, 2016

A Vida

Querida Fam-

Wow, what a week! 

So when I get really tired, I talk in my sleep. Elder Millaqueo said that 3 nights last week, he woke up to me talking to him..... one time I even got up and drank his water in the fridge then laid back down like nothing had happened.... heh heh...

Our District Leader, Elder Botelho, is so awesome. He gave a training last week at our district meeting about being a consecrated missionary and that we need to leave on our personal altar of sacrifice all disobediences, fears, pride, negativity, sarcasm, and expend all of our energies to consecrate ourselves to the work. It was awesome and slapped me in the face that I really need to be soooooo much better than I am. It was good. We also did a division with him, and it was full of great learning opportunities.

We did a division with Elder Gardner and Elder Oliveira, which was a LOT better than the division we did 2 weeks earlier with Zona Guaratinguetá... previously we spent a ton of time just walking from one appointment falling through to the other. This time, we actually had some people to teach, and it was pretty productive, and not embarrasing (since they're supposed to use our area as a model for theirs)

We started training our "missionary family," which is a family that we'll teach how to be awesome member missionaries. Basically we'll give trainings similar to those we give to other missionaries, with PMG, practices, etc. It'll be great

On Saturday night I found out that Larissa (from Cohab Juscelino) is going to get married! She’s been dating a returned-missionary that she met at Institute, and they’ve marked a date in April of next year to be sealed in the temple! It took me an extra hour to fall asleep because I got so happy for her. It’s so amazing to see what the gospel has done for her. I thank Heavenly Father often that He gives me so many opportunities to witness His miracles. This work is amazing, and I can’t imagine not being a missionary to be a tiny part of it.

I love you all!

Elder Merrill

Mustache Monday.... with President
Thinking about what we want to do for fun.....
...aaaaand we're Mariachi
Division with Elder Botelho and Elder Cunha
Elder Millaqueo got really happy to finally have a BYU shirt
Division with Elder Gardner and Elder Oliveira!

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