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Monday, September 5, 2016

Dead tired

 Wow, this week was super tiring!

We worked as much as we could in our area, but lots of things fell through, so we ended up walking and walking and walking and it seems a little difficult to get solid traction. But we did see progress. God blesses us with productivity in the little time we had. For example, on Friday we had leadership counsel and didn't leave the office until 6pm and were dead tired, but in the 2 remaining hours we had to work when we got to our area we had some of the best lessons we've taught to a less-active and to a group of recent-converts we're teaching the new-member lessons to, and there was a friend of a member that came too so refererral contacted and new investigator all in one short night.

Our ward is doing a "family home evening" for everyone every Wednesday night with the message in the form of a debate. We talked about Fasting in the last one and next week will be another principle... it was reallly good to help people understand better the doctrine.... it's funny how everyone always assumes the missionaries know everything, but we don't lol.

We did a division with Elder Beatty and Elder Moraes (a different one, not my former companion) from zona Guaratingetá and it was fun, however they did a lot of walking with us in our area too.... it was a little embarassing because we're suposed to have a "model area" from which to train them, but we did lots of contacts and I hope helped them at least a lil....

The leadership council was awesome. We gave training on long term planning and working with the members, which took a ton of time out of our week to plan with Sister Doyle and Rechetnicou, but it all turned out well. Then President explained a lot about how we are literally representatives of Jesus Christ, and how we can authoritatively invite people... it was super powerful. President is so cool.

I love being a missionary!

I love you all!

O distrito!

Elders Kebker and Hirst (the executive secretaries) eatin cookie dough the thug way.... with a knife.

The temple with Tati, a recent convert of Elder Millaqueo and Elder Barroso, but we got to go do baptisms with her! Super awesome.

Yay for temple pics!

We got to got back to Penha for a fireside with Presidente and Sister Silcox! It was super fun to see everyone again, even though it's only been 2 weeks.

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