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Monday, August 29, 2016

Prédios, pessoas, and so on


Wow, what an awesome week!

First I'll tell about my new companion, Elder Millaqueo. He's from Bariloche, Argentina, and has the coolest lil spanish accent when he speaks Portuguese. We already work and plan and study and joke really well together, which makes everything run better. My feet actually hurt a few times this week from so much walking, which is something I'd missed.

The ward here seems quite supportive of missionary work. Lots of good missionaries have passed here, which makes a big difference in how the ward functions. The bishop is stellar and organized and I'm excited to work with him. 

Yesterday at church, there was a young man who came on his own because he has a friend serving a mission... he LOVED it and told us to pass by his house since he's never been taught. I love it when we have miracles like that. 

The church is true. The gospel is wonderful. God loves you all, and so do I!

Elder Merrill

Monday night we went to the Bishop's for Family Home Evening and ate "deconstructed tacos" which is crushed doritos, ground beef, peppers, tomato, lettuce, cheese and special sauce.... mmmmm.... I love them, they're awesome

We have a map complete with pins marking our investigators... it's pretty sweet
Elder Millaqueo! 

It's a lil wierd in Mooca... there are tons of tall buildings.... We ate lunch on the 18th floor of this one.
A sweet São Paulo sunset

​Us emailin'
​Us emailin'

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