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Monday, August 15, 2016

This week in Penha

Querida Fam bam-

Yet another good week here in Penha. We found a couple new families that are super cool, I hope they continue to progress. One day, we got a call from a member of another ward telling us "my mother-in-law isn't a member of the church, but wants to be baptized. Can you guys help us out?" We almost tripped over ourselves to get there. Miracles happen.

One night we were eating with a member and I got to try chopped liver..... it was awful. Do not recommend. There's a reason why the phrase "what am I, chopped liver?" exists. Because nobody sane likes it. Fortunately, the Irmã made beef too, so I got out of just liver.

I love being a missionary. It's hard, it's disappointing, it's frustrating, but most of all it's awesome. The Lord is wonderful, and He loves us all so much.

Sorry I'm not better at writing letters! Love you!

Elder Merrill

P.S. I've never wanted to watch the Olympics so badly.... but we aren't allowed. However, we can ask people what's going on, so it's a good conversation starter and so I'm  not too out of the loop. I know the US is winning. Like always. Go USA!

Service Project at Irmã Valéria's
This roof was covered in plants

​Irmã Valeria!
We destroyed these brick pillars... it was super cool.

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