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Monday, August 8, 2016

Nossa semana


Our week was just swell.

I don't really have a ton to report on... we contacted a bunch of adresses from our activity, and got some new investigators... one of them came to church yesterday!

We had interviews with Pres on Wednesday and he is so awesome. He and Sister Silcox are like our Dad and Mom. De verdade.

We also had leadership counsel and it was fun to see my past companions. Elder Vasconcelos told me that Jorge and Rayne (investigators from Jardim Odete) finally got married and she was baptized yesterday! It makes me happy to get good news about people I helped teach:)

In priesthood executive comitee yesterday, bishop shared a really cool experience. He was at the store buying bread for the Sacrament and grabbed the cheapest loaf he could find. But as he passed by all the other loaves in the aisle, he had an impression and felt a voice say "So it's this that you're going to offer to the Lord?" He immediately put the first kind back and got different, better bread. The important thing isn't the price, he wasn't saying anyone who buys bread on sale for the sacrament is wicked, but that it's in the intent. I then thought to myself "how many times do I grab the 'cheapest' thing and offer it to the Lord? How many times have I 'technically obeyed' but not done it with a willing heart? How many times have I sqeezed in reading the scriptures right before bed and not learned a thing? What cheap offerings in my life do I try to pass off every day?" It made me really think. So people, always remember that the Lord wants our hearts, and everything else is an extension and manifestation of our love for Him.

I love you all!

One night we got home and there was a cat running laps in our house.... turns out he crawled in a little hole near the roof and then fell through the ceiling. If you look closely you can see the claw marks hahaha

Put new soles on my shoes! Airplane tire rubber

Look who I found! There was a big institute fireside, and Larissa came and I got to meet her boyfriend. It made me so happy to see her so happy!:)

The Pokemon Go craze has officially hit the young men in our ward..."Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." - Mark 16:15

...but even Pokemon chase off the missionaries sometimes...

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