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Monday, August 22, 2016

Tchau Penha, Hello Mooca


We started teaching various awesome families this week, and some super prepared individuals. It wasn't hard to find things to do this week, we were busy. 

Here we had Stake Conference, which was one of the best I've attended. President and Sister Silcox spoke, and you could just feel their super strong testimonies. All of the speakers talked a lot about marriage and family relating to the Atonement, and how our convenants really help us to always orient our lives towards Christ.

Unfortunately, both Elder Moraes and I are leaving Penha. Neither of us wanted to, but it is what it is. I love this area, the members are super cool and excited, the leadership is phenomenal, and our teaching group is the best it's been since we've gotten here. However, the Lord has different designs for us. Elder Moraes is returning to his first area of the mission, so he's really excited. Elder Hughes is there too, so they'll live in the same house! I'll be going to Mooca, in the Ipiranga zone, which is a really good area. I'm excited.

Have a wonderful week y'all!

Elder Merrill

[Nat's note: Brian wants everyone to know that Mooca is pronounced like "Mocha"]

For P-day last week we went to the institute and played pool and foosball.... it was awesome 
Irmã Carmen with "the key of riches".... She spent 15 years going to an evangelical church that just preached about money, and she said "I was stupid enough to buy this key from the pastor... he said it would make us rich... I paid 350 reais for this." We joked about it a ton so I had to get a pic.... I realize it doesn't sound very funny for you guys, but trust me, it was hilarious. 
One day I got really excited to order orange chicken, since I miss Panda Express. So I called the place, waited, paid the delivery boy, and saw-- this tiny box. I paid 31,80 reais for this stinking thing. It wasn't even that good. Never again Lig-Lig, never again.
Between the sessions of Stake conference we went to give some stuff to the secretary and caught the stake presidency and some bishops watching the Brazil-Germany game behind the locked door of the secretary's office haha
Jailson, Lúcia, Bruna and Gabrielle 
Felipe and Lohany
This is what it looks like when you have to leave all the info about the area for the 2 new missionaries that will arrive.... lots of writing and organizing. 

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