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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A vida

Dearest family,

Sorry for the letter a day late, yesterday was independence day here, so everything was closed.

Word of the Week: bárbaro - super super awesome

So this was another hard week, but I feel like I'm able to actually contribute more and more each day... It's difficult because we teach people and have awesome lessons, but haven't yet seen any results... All of the investigators that were for sure going to come to church were all asleep when we went by to pick them up on Sunday. But it's still good.

I've been battling a cough and stuffed nose for a few weeks now, which makes it especially interesting because my ears are often plugged, and it's hard enough to understand people when I have full hearing hahaha. Also just after 3 weeks I can't imagine how I used to think it was a long walk to school... We walk a lot. To resolve my cookie problem, I bought bananas instead... I've actually developed a surprising liking for bananas and various juices. I think it might be one of my blessings as a missionary, because everyone knows I've never liked fruit, but now I can eat it and enjoy it! Weird.

The language comes along bit by bit. I still feel like my Portuguese was better in the CTM than it was now, even though I know that probably isn't true. I can't always express myself very well, but I can at least understand more and more. I'll just keep chuggin along, and have faith eventually I'll be able to feel like a real person in Portuguese.

Though this week was a LOT better than the last, there still were plenty of hard times. It was a particularly hard day, I was feeling sleepy and sick and I was super hot from walking for over an hour uphill to get to an investigator's house, and when we got there, nobody answered. We tried a few more houses in the area of people we could teach, but nobody was available. I felt just awful. We stopped to use the bathroom in a recent-convert's house, and I just fell to my knees and pleaded with my Heavenly Father to help a weak and inexperienced young boy with his simple desires, just pouring out the feelings of my heart. We left the house, and I really felt like we should return to the first house we tried about 30 minutes earlier. Not only was he home, but we were able to have an awesome lesson. As we taught, I began to lose all of my previous worries and stresses and feel God's love for the boy we taught and for me. The rest of the day, every other house we tried was successful, and we were able to teach a bunch of people that really needed it. It was amazing how my day completely turned around after one simple act: sincere prayer. I know God is mindful of us and wants to hear from every single one of us. He can change our days from failures to triumphs. I'm so grateful for Him.

I love you all so much!!!!!

Elder Merrill


Steep hill


Even the cat is laughing with us

I'm thankful for my pillow tie after a long day...

Thank you Serena for the AWESOME shirt! I appreciate your humor just as much from thousands of miles away!

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