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Monday, September 14, 2015

Slow, but goin.

Querida família,

Other note about Brasil: the bus drivers go super fast on windy narrow roads and can text the whole time... it's a little scary, but they never crash...

This week work was kinda slow, but still learned lots. We had an AWESOME  mission conference on Thursday, and Elder Mazzagardi (2nd quórum of the Seventy) came and talked to us. I took 4 pages of notes, and really want to apply everything he taught us... But Elder Rodrigues and I got kinda lost on the way there, so it took us 2.5 hours to get there instead of 1..... oh well, we made it haha.

I'm still on and off sick, and had to stay in one day last week because I had a fever... But I think I'm getting better.

On Sunday, we had an amazing Stake Conference with a diferent Seventy, and from his message I really learned about how we need to keep a positive atitude and simply trust in the Lord through our trials. Sometimes they resolve in a day, but others take weeks, months, or years to get through. Yet through it all He is molding us, and only He knows exactly which challenges we need to become who He wants us to be. 

For everyone that sends me letters, I really try to respond within 2 weeks, but even if I don't respond, I read every letter and am thankful for every word of strength you guys give to me. I feel your love so strongly, and I love you all more and more every day.

Elder Merrill

There've been some pretty rainy days this week with EPIC thunder
Sebastião, our awesome Lider da Missão da Ala
My district (but one Elder is missing and a random Elder jumped in on the bottom left haha)

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