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Monday, July 18, 2016

Nossa semana


This week was a lil slow. But it happens sometimes. Without the "mais ou menos" weeks we couldn't appreciate the awesome ones.

After futebol (soccer) on p-day I was sore for like 4 days heh heh....

There were various days that literally EVERYTHING fell through, plans, plans if the plans fell through, and even last resort plans. *sigh* But thank goodness not every day was like that.

Julio and Mariela moved this week:( They had a somewhat emergency come up that made it unsafe to stay here, and so we helped them pack up and head out. They came to our ward yesterday for Mariela's confirmation and to say goodbye, since they'll be in a different stake... it's sad to see people go.

We did have a wonderful miracle on Saturday. A member's husband that's been investigating the church for 10 years finally decided to be baptized! He knows more than most members, I'm almost sure. He said he watches every General Conference. The only thing holding him back were some doubts, but now he's beginning to really have faith. I'm excited to continue helping him to prepare for baptism to be clean of his sins and be able to lead his family in the gospel! I'm so grateful for the wonderful opportunities Heavenly Father gives us every day of our lives!

I love you all!

Pics of the awesome LOTR-themed planner Sister Coronetti made for me

Julio and Mariela getting married! 
Mariela's baptism!
Perfect use of the Pillow Tie.... Last Saturday we had to do some baptismal interviews in the farthest area of the zone, a 2 hour bus ride there and 1.5 ride back.... it was killer, but I was prepared:)

My new soccer shoes.... we're playing on p-days now with the young men
Me fixing our shower..... this always happens to me

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