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Monday, July 11, 2016

Um ano


It's weird. Friday marked one year since I entered the MTC. I still remember clearly how lost I was. I'm glad I've since figured some things out. Not everything, goodness I've got plenty to learn, but some things I'd like to share quickly:

- You often find exactly what you're looking for. If you pessimistically search out the bad, the flawed, the imperfect, you'll find it; if you look positively for the good, the blessings, the lesson, you'll also find it. In either case, you'll be justified in your findings. The difference? Your happiness. 

- Being on a mission doesn't in and of itself change anything about you. It just gives you opportunities, and you can choose if you'll make the hard effort to do what's right or if you'll slip into the spiral of justification and excuses doing less-than-optimal because it's easier and more comfortable. Wherever we are, we have the power to choose, and that's what counts.

So now I've been philisophical, I'll move on to the week.

We got the transfer call yesterday, and I'll be staying the next transfer here in Penha with Elder Moraes! It's good, because that'd be super annoying to leave so soon....

One day we walked an hour to get to lunch, just to find out the Irmã was out of town, so we called the Bishop and he saved our day. Since he's the institue director, we ate with him there. Afterwards, he destroyed Elder Moraes and I in foosball and then we spent over an hour just talking about doctrine. It was awesome. Totally opened my mind to some things I'd never considered about the Creation, the Fall, the Light of Christ, and other super cool things. Our bishop is so cool.

Last night we were at the church to prep the baptism of another area and I was playing to piano to pass time and someone motioned me into the other room, where they sat me down at the piano in front of a ton of youth. Long story short, before I knew it I was accompanying a the choir at a stake youth fireside to a song I'd never even heard before. Since I was already there, they announced I'd just be the pianist for the whole thing. This seems to be something that happens with frequency to me..... Thanks mom and dad, the people of Brazil appreciate the lessons you made me to take when I was younger haha:) The fireside was cool, and it made me miss the Wenatchee mission prep ones....

Julio and Mariela (the bolivian couple we've been working with) got married on Friday! The Elders quorum president took us out to ice cream afterwards. That night, we were able to have a wonderful baptismal service for Mariela. Julio was so happy and proud that his wife is finally a member. It was cute. They're planning on going to the temple to be sealed next year! I love the feeling that the knowledge of God's plan brings, that we can truly be together with our families forever if we follow the gospel of Christ!

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Merrill

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