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Monday, July 25, 2016

The week

Querida Família- 

We both spent some time sick last week and had to stay home a day, so there wasn't too much that happened, but I think we're past the worst of it now, just a little stuffed up. Being sick is no fun. You always just feel so tired...

One day we were teaching an investigator and it got cold all of a sudden and we only had on short sleeved shirts. He saw we were sick, so he fed us hot soup and gave us sweaters to use. I love nice people.

One night all our appointments fell through and so on our way home we stopped by 3 different evangelical churches to see what it was like.... it was interesting.... and loud. We even kinda participated in one of them haha... Ai ai....

Saturday our ward had a Festa Julina, which is an annual celebration that involves lots of music, food, and group activities. It was super fun! Lots of members brought their friends, but unfortunately everyone lived in other areas except for one lady. We gave her a quick church tour but she wasn't interested at all..... oh well, we tried.

We had a sweet Zone Conference this week combined with another zone. We learned a lot about better ways to teach like the Savior, especially by using inspired questions to really teach the person, not just the lesson. We can't ever help someone until we know what their needs are, and effective questions and careful listening show that we actually care about them. 

I love you all and have a wonderful week!

Elder Merrill

Zona Penha!

"The Group".... We don't know what type of a group we are, but we just call ourselves the group.

Festa Julina

Ward activities are the best.... food without end

Irmã Vera and Irmã Valéria (Valéria feeds us lunch at least twice a week...) they're so sweet!

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