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Monday, January 2, 2017

Feliz 2017!!!!

Wow, I just corrected myself recently from writing unintentionally 2015 as the date, now it's already 2017??? I'm pretty sure I'll still write 2015 for a few months....

The transfer was Tuesday and 20 missionaries went home, including 3 that were my companions and many others that were good friends.. sad when people leave:( We got a bunch of new missionaries too, so after giving the training for them and teaching a couple lessons on the way home, I was exhausted at the end of the day.

This whole entire week I kinda felt so wiped out from the last transfer. It's tiring to teach the area again to a new companion, principally when he won't even stay to have another comp in Mooca. But he's super excited to work his last transfer like no other. He has lots of ideas and will, so that'll help us do pleny ainda these next 5 weeks!

We spent New Year's Eve at our bishop's house, who is also our next-door neighbor! It was fun, I ate lots, and we played Monopoly. At midnight the street nearly exploded from all of the fireworks.... From our house you can get a pretty good 360 of São Paulo and it was fire in all directions. Pretty cool.

At church last sunday and yesterday there were about 30-40 people due to the holidays... I almost gave a talk for the 3rd week in a row! Fortunately Bishop found someone else haha

This last year was amazing. One complete year that I had the blessing to be a full-time representative of Jesus Christ among God's children here in Brazil. I truly learned things I never would've imagined, met people that have changed my life forever, and gotten to know more about my Savior than I would've ever thought possible. It's truly amazing.

This week is gonna be a good one. Gustavo and Iris's wedding, baptism, and who knows what other miracles God will send our way too?:)

Love you all, and have a wonderful start of a wonderful 2017!

Elder Merrill

Elder Vasconcelos is probably on the beach in Recife at this very moment... I'll miss him
One day it rained so hard that it almost took the motorbike with it!
Planner cred: Sister Doyle
Awesome glasses I found at Gustavo and Iris' house

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