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Monday, January 16, 2017

La vida (notice the spanish?;)


This week was pretty nice, compared to the fast paced correria that constitutes our lives...

Yesterday there was an intense thunderstorm that was super cool! The rain in the strong wind just pounded and the thunderclaps left my ears ringing. When it returned in the middle of the night, I woke up because of the rain and thunder. Cool.

We did 2 divisions this week, so we were able to teach quite a bit and find some really cool new people to teach! One of the days I spent with Elder Rodrigues, meu pai (my trainer) and it's always fun to be with him again. In our teaching group, we have 5 bolivian families (one lives next door to Gustavo and Iris, one is his cousin.... they are giving us some awesome references), so this last week we gave out some copies of the Libro de Mormón and attempted teaching in Spanish... I think I managed semi-well, it's funny to speak spanish now... but the good part is that we understand everything they say to us in spanish, and they usually understand our portuguese haha. The bolivians are a very friendly and open people, they always offer us food and listen to us. Who woulda thought that in Brazil I'd be teaching bolivians?

Anyways, gotta run, but I love you all and have a marvellous week!

Elder Merrill

Sister Rocha and I always twin on accident
One day we saw a group of 40 parrots just chillin on the powerlines... I couldn't get them all in the pic
LOOK WHAT ONE IRMÃ SERVED WITH LUNCH ONE DAY FOR ME. IT WAS SO AMAZING. She went to the States and brought it back with her

A random dog followed us home one day.... He was friendly

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