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Monday, May 15, 2017



This week was quite eventful!

On Tuesday we had a great day, found some new people to teach, ate dinner with a cool member, taught some cool lessons, and got home happy. On Wednesday morning we were all fired up for another great day. At about 9am, President Silcox called to say that due to a missionary going home in another area, that there would be an emergency transfer and that Elder Ruzi was to pack his bags and take the bus that afternoon to the mission office. When I told him the news, he said "dude, you don't even know how to lie!" It took me 5 minutes to convince him that it wasn't a joke haha. That afternoon when the bus pulled out of the rodoviária, I felt like a father sending off my child on a mission. Sad that he wouldn't kill me, but happy he'll continue his adventure *sniff *sniff... Meu filhinho....

So now it's Elder Foniciello and I that will continue to tear up Guaratinguetá! We had interviews on Friday with Presidente and I'm excited to work hard these next few weeks! 

On Friday we went to Cachoeira Paulista for a division/baptismal interview

It was wonderfulyesterday to talk to mom, dad, and Tory (who is entering the MTC this week) and see their smiling faces:)

Yesterday at church we had investigators! It was a tender mercy of the Lord to have several people there! God is a God of miracles, and He really prepares people. When we walked into the chapel, there was a woman we'd never seen, and when we talked to her she told us that she was on the internet and stumbled across and started chatting with the online missionaries, who passed our bishop's number to her. She called and got directions to the church building, and showed up to the meeting on Sunday. It takes about an hour by bus from where she lives to the church, and she came alone. She told us she has been wanting to change her life around, wants to stop drinking and smoking and always wanted to learn more about the Mormons so resolved to check it out. After church she said that next week she wants to bring her whole family! Unfortunatley, she lives in the other Guará ward so we won't be teaching her, but that's okay. It was an example of faith to me, and I know that the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ can help anyone and everyone find purpose and lasting happiness in their lives. 

I love you all!
Elder Merrill

Tereré at district meeting even in a small plastic cup!
Sending Elder Ruzi off :(
Cachoeira Paulista's meetinghouse

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