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Monday, May 1, 2017


Wow, the week flew by!

Being in trio is fun! Elder Foniciello was born and raised in Belgium, but his dad is Italian and he lived in the US for 2 years before the mission with his American mom... He speaks French and English (and Portuguese) fluently, so I've been trying to learn some French (no, not swear words... the language). When there's 3 of us there's lots more to talk about. Never a dull moment. It's also easier to do divisions with members because we just need one to make 2 duplas. This transfer should be super productive and awesome!

We walked a bit again this week, but our teaching pool is getting better. I hope that these next 5 weeks go by slowly enough for us to do plenty, because if time keeps flying by like it is we won't et everything done that we need to!

Yesterday I ate so much. After church, we ate a delicious lunch and when we were all stuffed, they brought out the cake and sang happy birthday, so we ate a bunch of cake. Just when we couldn't eat more, more members showed up with pavê, sang happy birthday again, and we ate more. At the end of the day we went to another member's house, ate more food, and they brought out TWO cakes and sang happy birthday again, and we ate even more... When we got home we couldn't even stand up straight. But it was great. I love the members here, and I love being a missionary!

Love you all!
Elder Merrill

Distrito Guará! I have a real district this transfer!
The trio of poder!

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